Best five things to carry while going for a trek

A rucksack

60 liters rucksack is enough for a 14 days trip. The catch is to carry limited clothes with you. There are porters available, but do you really want to carry all the unnecessary things because you can hire someone else to carry it all.

Head Torch 

Do carry a torch light with you. You never know when can lights go out at night when you want to use the washroom. Also, it is useful when you would want to get out of your room at night and check the scenic view of mountains and stars.

Handy aqua guard water bottle/Aqua on the go

The water in the hills is pure. But you never know what might not suit you. Handy Aqua guard helps you to get rid of the extra germs you never expected could be harmful to your body.


If you fall sick, might be due to altitude sickness, keeping medicines handy helps you not spoil the rest of your days for you and your friends. You might not have a chemist in the hills.

  • Big Carry Bags

    100% Biodegradable Plastic Bags

While enjoying the scenic view, you would also want to feel proud of helping mother earth to get rid of the extra waste.