Best five ways to keep calm and manage anger

 1. Accept people the way they are

Disliking people because they do not meet your standards and your likings will only bring disturbance to you. Stop judging people and accept them the way they are.

2. Everything is not about you

Everything that is spoken and talked about in public or in private is not about you. So keep calm and enjoy the conversation.

3. A person behaving in a certain manner is his/her problem not yours

If a person is behaving rudely with you or with anybody else, it is his/her problem. Laugh out when you encounter anything like this. It helps!

4. Don’t take life too seriously

As it is said, it is very difficult to have a simple life. The only way to have a simple life is to not to take anything seriously. Your only job is to try, do and smile.

5. Stop assuming 

An assumption can create a lot of discomfort between two people. If you are confused, talk. If you are disturbed, talk. Most of the problems occur due to misunderstanding.

Best five ways to be happy

It is true that happiness cannot be bought, it comes from within. Following are the ways you can be happy from within.

1)Grass looks greener the other side

You need to understand that what you have others might not have. So count your blessing and thank god for what you have. If you feel you would be happy getting what the other person has, utilize your time trying to work towards getting it. No need to be stressful.

 2)Keep yourself busy

An empty brain is a devil’s workshop. The more you sit idle and just think, the more you will be unhappy. Keep doing things, even if it is just reading a book or going for a walk.

3)Accept it or change it

If you are unhappy about something, think if you can change it. If the answer is NO, then accept it and be happy. If the answer is YES, then go ahead and change it. A place between ‘accept’ and ‘change’ (which I call as ‘cribbing’) will only bring unhappiness.

4)Mind your own business

What is going on in other person’s life is none of your business. Focus on your goals, your hobbies, your family, and friends.

5)Be at peace with everybody

It is very important to make peace with everybody and most importantly be at peace with yourself. Forgive people who hurt you. Unforgivingness will only make you unhappy.