Best five ways to keep calm and manage anger

 1. Accept people the way they are

Disliking people because they do not meet your standards and your likings will only bring disturbance to you. Stop judging people and accept them the way they are.

2. Everything is not about you

Everything that is spoken and talked about in public or in private is not about you. So keep calm and enjoy the conversation.

3. A person behaving in a certain manner is his/her problem not yours

If a person is behaving rudely with you or with anybody else, it is his/her problem. Laugh out when you encounter anything like this. It helps!

4. Don’t take life too seriously

As it is said, it is very difficult to have a simple life. The only way to have a simple life is to not to take anything seriously. Your only job is to try, do and smile.

5. Stop assuming 

An assumption can create a lot of discomfort between two people. If you are confused, talk. If you are disturbed, talk. Most of the problems occur due to misunderstanding.

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