Best five things to do in San Francisco, California

Golden gate bridge

Golden gate bridge is a beautiful bridge that is magnificent and amazingly constructed. There are various points from where you will be able to see this bridge. You might not be always lucky to see the bridge from all the points because of the cloudy weather conditions of California.


Yes, cycling! They have special trails for people, where the cycling can be done. Cycling is more of a stress release. You will encounter beautiful nature at every pedal of your cycling experience.


Camping in San Francisco will give you an unforgettable experience for life. Americans, known for their thoughtfulness take care of minutes of details, whether it is grilling the food, burning the woods or clean washrooms. Everything is accounted for.


You will find all the big brands in San Francisco. Shopping is fun because of the variety of clothes available in the market in different price range. So, it is the place for both, the brand conscious ones and the street shoppers.

Drive to the city

The drive to the city makes it unusual because of the mountainous roads San Francisco has. They have a hop in and a hop out buses that gives you an entire city tour in a reasonable price range.

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