Five best ways to be happy

Mind your own business

Mind what you are doing and do it properly. What is going in anybody else’s life is one of your business

Grass looks greener the other side

Look at that guy, he is so rich

While getting up every morning think about 5 best things that makes you happy.Get inspired by what others are doing but never get disappointed with what they have. If you want what others,  have work hard for it. Being sad will not help.

Keep yourself busy with what you like doing

Empty brain is a house of devil. It is important to keep yourself busy with things that you like doing. It can be your  job, hobby, exercise, travelling etc.

Drink a lot of water/ Exercise

Exercise is not over rated. It not only helps you physically but will help you in mental growth. Hence, making you happy.

Only you can make yourself happy

Donot depend on anybody to make you happy. Your are the king of your own happiness. Patience and hardwork pays

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